Effective websites
built and maintained for your internet presence

Website Building and Maintenance

VNM builds all kinds of websites with crafted with attention to detail, ranging in size from a few static pages to database/CMS driven sites with multiple modules and complex functionality – and everything in between.

VNM guides you from the beginning of setting up your very first website or just fine-tune your existing web presence.

VNM takes care of maintaining your website, making sure it is content and infrastructure is up-to-date. VNM can also upgrade your current site, tweak it for better performance and add new features.

Search Engine Optimization

VNM helps sites rank higher in search engines, including Google and Bing. The increase of quality organic/natural traffic to the sites means more leads and customers.

VNM performs OnPage optimization for site’s content and structure to ensure that it is in the format that search engines “like”.

VNM provides OffPage optimization for websites to ensure that search engines are aware of them and relevant directories have the correct information about the site and the business.

Social Media Presence

VNM designsbuilds out and optimizes Social Media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

VNM automates the flow between these channels and the blog to ensure that clients’ messages reach (potential) clients no matter which platform they use.

VNM monitors these channels for the clients and maintain their presence on these channels with regular posts.