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Past events

Past Events

Complexity 97: Complexity And Technology Organising For Innovation

London, England
March 10-11, 1997
Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre
See homepage:http://www.co-i-l.com/complexity/

Spirituality in Business Life seminar

Sponsor International Center for Organizational Transformation
Presented by Richard Barrett and Ron Hulnick


"assisting leaders in building visionary organizations which actualize human potential through personal and organizational transformation."


"successful organizations worldwide that nurtue the human spirit."

March 25 & 26, 1997
University of Santa Monica Center
2101 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, California 90403
contact Linda Joy Loizzo at 310-829-7402, Ext. 116

2nd International Conference
on Spirituality and Business

November 9-16, 1996
Mazatlan, Mexico
Marty Raphael
or Jim Berry
(505) 474-0998.

Spirit & Business

The need for people with conscious minds and hearts to engage and hold power in the marketplace is compelling. Sustaining one's inner balance within this realm is a deep challenge. This gathering of entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, committed to the possibility of business as an agent of social change, and to their own spiritual growth, will be anchored by core group of lifelong seekers/business leaders, including:

  • Bob Dunn - President, Business for Social Responsibility
  • Josh Mailman - Founder, Social Venture Network
  • Chuck Blitz - Founding Director, Social Venture Network
September 25-28
at the Hollyhock retreat and learning center in British Columbia.
call 1-800-933-6339.

Growth through Learning

Sample sessions:

  • Growth for whom? The learning organisation in its socio-economic context.The ambivalent perspective of knowledge productivity.

  • Organisational learning to Learning organisations: transforming rhetoric to reality.

  • The empowered individual: an approach to implementing L.O.

  • Organisation as an open, self-renewing system.

  • Best practices in Learning Organisations.
Organized by the European Consortium for the Learning Organisation (E.C.L.O.)
May 15-17, 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark
Gilbert Eloy,
Chaussee de Bruxelles, 135,
1310 La Hulpe,
Fax: (32) 2-655-5812

World Business Academy Members Meeting

Business and Global Change

The purpose of the WBA 1996 Members Meeting is to support a dialogue that explores three basic levels of participation concerning business and global change:

  • How do we understand the complex origins of modern dilemmas that together comprise one fundamental problem?

  • How do we prosper in our enterprise during the changes ahead and thereby enhance our ability to positively influence the outcome?

  • How can we contribute to the resolution of global problems by doing business differently?
May 2-5, 1996
Vancouver Island
British Columbia
World Business Academy
1511 K Street,
NW Suite 1101,
DC 20005
USA phone: (202) 783-3213
fax: (202 )783-3216
e-mail: wba@together.org

Bridging Spirituality and Business

This conference will:

  • Provide useful and practical tools and techniques relevant to the workplace and opportunities to practice using them in experiential hands-on workshops.

  • Create a northern New Mexico network for individuals who desire to receive and provide on-going support for integrating spirituality into their work.

  • Share current and future resources that could expand one's current awareness and understanding, and how to access them (bibliographies, audio/visual tapes, conferences, pioneers and leaders already successfully doing work in this field).
April 27-28, 1996
Santa Fe
New Mexico
Emily Smith
(505) 989-4094

Bridging Spirituality & Business Conference

Is There a Place For Spirituality in Business?

In a world challenged by downsizing and reengineering, a major transformation of the business world is both welcome and called for. Corporations all over the world are now recognizing the place for spirit in their organizations as the solution for tough business dilemmas such as low productivity, high absenteeism, and low morale, all of which affect profit margins.

A local group of Santa Fean business owners are acting on their vision for change by producing the "Bridging Business and Spirituality" conference. One of the entrepreneurs said, "We are riding the crest of an enormous wave of change in the business world. We can see it when we talk with CEOs, middle managers, and 'hands on' line workers who are desperate for a vision of another way. Join this movement transforming the workplace."

April 27-28, 1996
Saturday Evening and all day Sunday
Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Emily Smith
(505) 989-4094
or Barbara Conroy
(505) 983-9217.
International, national, and local speakers will address these and other ideas at the upcoming conference. Presenters will cover such topics as: Practical Tools for Applying Spiritual Principles, The Corporate Soul: What Does Money Have to Do With It?, and Liberating the Corporate Soul. Some of the keynoters include Richard Barrett of The World Bank, Washington, DC; Judith Thompson, Associate Professor, Anderson School of Business, UNM; Martin Rutte of Livelihood, Inc.; Marty Raphael, Prosperity Paradigms; and Janice Calnan, Leadership Coaching International, Toronto.

In addition to providing an informative and deeply rich spiritual experience for all who attend, the conference will:

  • Bring together employers, employees, and entrepreneurs who want to express and experience spirit in their work,

  • Provide techniques for applying new business principles, and

  • Create localized networks for sharing resources and ideas.

Inside the Learning Organization:

Pathways and Processes

Charlotte Roberts, co-author of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, internationally known author and organizational consultant will detail the tools, techniques, and processes necessary to sustain a learning organization.

A special "live" segment with Dr. Peter Senge, director of the MIT Organizational Learning Center and author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. Dr. Senge will share his own experiences in creating a learning organization as well as critical information regarding infrastructure.

  • This program continues the concepts from last year's " Applying Principles " series by focusing on practical issues challenging all Learning Organizations

  • Featuring video segments exploring " how to's " within organizations

  • Exploration of organizational gains and losses, resistance, and defining moments will be included

  • Audience participation exercises

  • Audience interaction periods via phone and fax
April 23, 1996
2:00 - 5:30 PM ET
Live via satellite
N.A.K. Productions
phone: 1-800-659-3175

Changing the Structure
of the Corporation

This is the title of a series of events organized by the Geneva, Switzerland, chapter of the World Business Academy. The themes of the event are:

  • Global consciousness in the corporate arena

  • A guideline for harmonious change
April 1996
Date is to be confirmed.
Geneva, Switzerland
WBA Chapter Coordinator,
Jean Gayral,
phone: 41-21-803-5666
fax 41-21-803-5680.

Leveraging Knowledge
for Sustainable Advantage

How to capture, share and exploit organisational knowledge for breakthroughs in performance

Success in global markets depends on a company's ability to leverage knowledge. This conviction increasingly underlies the determination of market leaders to place knowledge management at the centre of their business strategies and day-to-day operations.

A growing number of world-class companies are developing ways of exploiting knowledge by identifying and converting individual know-how, skills and experience into an organisational resource to support innovation, added value activities and performance improvement. By embedding knowledge within the organisation, they are unlocking workforce potential and achieving vast improvements in product development, customer satisfaction and operating efficiency.

Linking previously untapped, unconnected expertise presents no small challenge. This first major European conference shows how leading companies are mapping, sharing and leveraging knowledge to gain sustainable advantage and add value to their businesses.

To help managers take full advantage of their critical corporate knowledge resource, Business Intelligence has gathered leading practitioners and international experts to demonstrate a wide range of applications of knowledge management, from capturing and transferring best practices to improve process operations through to the generation of tradeable intellectual assets.

26th-27th March 1996
London, UK
Business Intelligence Ltd,
Forum House,
1 Graham Road,
London SW19 3SW

Large Group Interventions
for Organizational Change

The conference will feature an overview of the history of large group interventions and will focus on case examples of the major models, including: Search Conference and Participative Design, Real Time Strategic Change, Future Search, High-involvement Work Design; and Open Space.When:
March 17-20, 1996
Dallas, Texas
Maggie Hoyer
at the OD Network
phone: 201-763-7337

Events Expanding the Circle

Creating Inclusive Organizations/H3><

This speaker series organized by the California School of Professional Psychology features provocative business leaders, organizational development specialists, and management consultants interacting and gaining insight into managing inclusion-based change processes.

The first speaker, Marvin Weisbord, founder and co-director of SearchNet, Mr. Weisbord will provide a lecture and demonstration of future search, a planning meeting that alters the dynamics of traditional meetings away from problem-solving and conflict towards common ground and joint action.

Each of the five meeting throughout February and March will be followed by a "social time" for discussion over coffee and tea.

February 24, 1996
in Alameda, California.
CSPP Continuing Education

Rediscovering the Soul in Business:

Managing for Profit and the Human Spirit

"How many times have you thought about work as a place that nurtures you as an individual?

How often do you wish your work could bring fulfillment on both an intellectual and spiritual level?

Have you ever dreamed of transforming your work environment into a place that would honor and build on the strengths of every individual?

In what ways does your workplace promote the health and wellness of people andthe planet?"

These were some of the questions in the focus of a very successful conference organized by Renaissance Business Associates

If you missed the conference, but you really wish you were there, the good news is that you can still participate by joining the RBA virtual conference or browsing their list of conference tapes and ordering the tape of those talks that triggers your fancy. Here are some titles that we think about getting:

  • Leading/Managing in Permanent White Water - Peter B. Vaill
  • Spirit Matters: How 22 Transformational Leaders Understand the Role of
  • Spirituality in Their Life and Work - Steve Jacobsen
  • Transformation Thinking: Power Tools for Organizational Change - JoyceWycoff
  • Mapping the Whole - The Helix Approach to Organizational Transformation -Alice Mack
  • Motivation & Mindfulness: Keys to Liberating the Spirit at Work - Joel and Michelle Levey
  • Wholistic Event-Driven Organizational Change - Rob St. Germain
  • Systems Thinking and Soulful Business - Micheal Goodman
  • Where is Spartacus When We Need Him? - John Renesch
September 21 - 24, 1995
Boise, Idaho
Renaissance Business Associates
April 18-20, 1997

Soul of Money Retreat

sponsored by Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Mercy Retreat Center, Burlingame, California, USA


May 1-4, 1997

The Organization as Community Conference

Join the Foundation for Community Encouragement (FCE) as leading organizational practitioners and model organizations come together to explore and experience the possibility of the organization as a community. You are invited to participate in an informative and interactive coming together of those seeking to bring about community in their organization with those that have lived the transformation first-hand.

Carmelite Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA

phone: (630) 969-4141
fax: (630) 969-3376
email: Ifidelus@aol.com

May 2 - 4, 1997

The Second Santa Fe Business & Spirituality Conference: Navigating the Transition

In a world challenged by downsizing and reengineering, a major transformation of the business world is both welcome and called for. Corporations all over the world are now recognizing the place for spirit in their organizations as the solution for tough business dilemmas such as low productivity, high absenteeism, and low morale, all of which affect profit margins.

This conference will: Provide useful and practical tools and techniques relevant to the workplace and opportunities to practice using them in experiential hands-on workshops.

Emily Smith
(505) 989-4094

May 22 - June 30, 1997

CivicNet: The Spirit of Community Networking

Learn about your real constituencies, identify socially responsible consumer markets, invent new product and service applications, develop practical community building strategies, and create viable partnerships among non-profits, commercial firms and government.

A Virtual Event on the Web


May 22 - 24, 1997

XVI International Congress in Organizational Development

Theme: "Man in world class organizations"

This conference is sponsored by Pro-DO, the Mexican OD Professional Association. See homepage: http://www.cdj.itesm.mx/condes_eng.html

"Value the human being as the main change promotor in the development of world class organizations, through an exchange of experiences and the integration of different points of view, in order to contribute to the improvement of our environment."

Juarez, Mexico

Sra. Elvira Garza, cido97@campus.cdj.itesm.mx
Karen J. Davis, kdavis@tmn.com

June 12-14, 1997

The 1997 International Conference on Servant-Leadership

"Servant-Leadership as a way of Being"

Presented by the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership

The Crowne Plaza, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

phone: (317) 259- 1241
fax: (317) 259- 0560

August 14-17, 1997

Intuition Network Hosts Conference

The third annual conference of the Intuition Network will be held in Berkeley, California.

"Intuition: From the Art of Inner Knowing to the Skills of the Business World" will feature presentations by Stanford Business School's professor Michael Ray, Intuition Network director Jeffrey Mishlove, and a host of other educators and authors.

Berkeley, California, USA

(510) 526-5510.

September 20-27, 1997

Spirituality, Organisations, Leadership and Learning Conference

The inaugural Spirituality, Organisations, Leadership and Learning Conference is an opportunity for those searching for better ways to live, work and learn to come together and share their wisdom.

Miranda Training Centrem, Sydney, Australia

The Conference Organiser
Miranda Training Centre
P O Box 597

September 21-25, 1997

The 12th World Conference of IODA

[International Organization Development Association]

"UNIQUENESS/ UNIFORMITY/ UNITY: The Dynamics of Development in the Life of Organizations, Groups and Individuals"

English is the language of Conference.


Mary Crannell,102427.2172@compuserve.com

September 26-28, 1997

Self-Organizing Systems: A Simpler Way

You are invited to join with Fritjof Capra, Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers in an exploration of the new self-organizing evolutionary paradigm and its implications for change in ourselves, our organizations, and our society.

There is a simpler and more effective way to lead organizations. We yearn for organizations that live. We hope for organizations that engage our desire to contribute, learn and find meaning in the world. We want organizations that can grow and change.

All living systems grow and change. They have the ability to self organize - continually creating new structures and processes that effectively respond to current needs. Organizations are living systems.

Can we create organizations that grow and change naturally? Can organizations support our innate ability to self-organize? Can organizations create greater capacity and order in response to turbulent environments?

Robert Redford's Sundance Resort, Utah, USA

Kellie Brace or
Crystal Porter

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