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Community Building
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CB Book Authors: Susan Campell

Susan Campbell


wrote the chapter:
A Sense of the Whole: The Essence of Community


Susan Campbell is a nationally respected expert on conflict resolution and change management. She presents lively and authoritative programs to corporations on conflict, motivation, negotiation, team building, communication and responsiveness to change. As a trainer and management consultant. she focuses on helping people and groups use their differences as catalysts for ongoing transformation. She is author of four books: Beyond The Power Struggle, The Couples Journey, Earth Community and Expanding Your Teaching Potential, her books are available in several languags and have sold well over 100 000 copies. Her work on communication and conflict resolution is featured in two popular audio cassette programs produced and distributed by Psychology Today Magazine.

Business Expericnce

For 25 years Dr. Campbell has been a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies start up companies and companies facing change and crisis. She taught group and organizational behavior for 9 years at the University of Massachusetts and she has been a frequent guest lecturer at the Harvard. UCLA and Stanford Business Schools. She founded and directed a futures research institute, an experience which offered her a wide range of direct management experiences. Susan Campbell has been a member of the NTL Institute network of organizational consultants since 1970 and was formerly a trainer for University Associates Consultants. She has helped many companies to integrate the principles of total quality management into their corporate cultures through her program, "The Give Alot Ask Alot Manager".


Dr. Campbell earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at Universlty of Massachusetts. She subsequently took a post- doctoral internship in group and organizational behavior through the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science. She also interned in Gestalt Applications to organizational wellness wilth the Gestalt Institute of San Diego. She has taken post doctoral training in systems theory and in systems approaches to groups and families. She has co-trained and co-consulted with many pioneers in the field of organization development.

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