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Community Building
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George Pór

George is a researcher, entrepreneur, mentor, consultant, and pioneer of the rapidly expanding field of knowledge ecology . He is Co-founder and Senior Consultant of Community Intelligence Labs (CoIL) a community of organizational professionals and consultants committed to increasing organizational intelligence, their own as well as their clients'.

George's research and consulting focus is to augment organizational IQ, by bringing attention and energy to the intersection where the right combination of business strategy, culture, and collaborative technologies, produces unprecedented breakthroughs.

He's Founder of Knowledge Ecology University, a web-based, management and executive education environment designed for those who have responsibility for fostering knowledge sharing in their organizations.

An executive development coach , George has been forming productive learning partnerships with business leaders and corporate change champions committed to reach higher levels of effectiveness and balance in their personal and professional lives.

He served on the faculty of several management and executive development institutions in Europe and the US, and pioneered the translation of abstract concepts of organizational learning, leadership, intellectual capital, and organizational intelligence into effective tools, methods, and strategies.

He started hosting and facilitating virtual teams and communities on global computer conferencing networks in 1982, and has been advising corporate management on collaborative technologies as strategic business assets, since 1986. He draws on both Complex Adaptive Systems theories, and ancient wisdom traditions , to help organizations increase meaning and wholeness in the workplace.

George is a co-author of Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business, in which he outlined the "corporate nervous system model" of infrastructure design for raising organizational IQ.

He is a frequent speaker at major international conferences on Knowledge Management and was an invited presenter on "Investing in Intelligence" at the CEO Summit of the World Economic Development Congress. His work was noted by Fortune and Fast Company magazines.

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