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Community Building
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CB Book Authors:Glenna Gerard and Linda Teurfs

[Glenna Gerard][Linda Teurfs

Glenna GERARD and Linda TEURFS

wrote the chapter:
Dialogue and Organizational Transformation

Glenna Gerard is a specialist in interpersonal communications with an emphasis on effective group development and leadership of collaborative work processes. She has 20 years of experience in business and education, and in the last 5 years has devoted much of her practice to working with Dialogue in a variety of organizational settings. Glenna serves on the affiliate staff of Interaction Associates. Prior to consulting, Glenna held management and staff positions with Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical, Castrol USA, Corning Medical, and with the National Science Foundation. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and is a certified instructor for Tom Gordon communication skills programs.

Linda Teurfs is an organizational consultant specializing in community building, interpersonal communication, executive coaching, and leadership. She has over 20 years experience in consulting, corporate planning, and organizational work. Her focus over the last five years has been on researching the different traditions of dialogue and on introducing dialogue into a variety of community and business organizations. Linda is on the adjunct faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership and is an associate with Drake, Beam, Morin. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and has done post graduate work in organizational psychology at United States International University and Chapman College. Prior to consulting Linda held management and staff positions with Mnemos, Exxon Office Systems, AT&T, and International Paper Corporation.

Glenna Gerard can be reached at 714-497-9757 or by email at Glenna@49aol.com.
Linda Teurfs can be reached at 909-244-6626. or by email at LTeurfs@aol.com.


The Dialogue group was formed by Linda Teurfs and Glenna Gerard in 1991 to research, develop, and facilitate Dialogue in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Although the original inspiration for Dialogue came from the work of the late David Bohm, quantum physicist and philosopher, The Dialogue Group draws upon many traditions of Dialogue including that of the ancient greeks, Native Americans, and Quaker (American Friends) business practices. In addition, The Dialogue Group embraces principles from community building, organizational and group dynamics, social/psychology, critical thinking and learning theory, eastern meditation practices, and the new sciences (e.g. chaos theory, self-organizing systems, quantum physics, etc.)

The Dialogue Group offers a variety of public seminars: Introduction to Dialogue , Dialogue as a Way of Life, Next Steps in Dialogue, and Redefining Leadership through Dialogue, and Deepening the Dialogue. These programs are held at locations throughout the country.

During 1995 and 1996 The Dialogue Group is partnering with other sponsors to create a not-for-profit organization called The Center for Dialogic Communication. The mission of the Center will be: to serve as a living experiment in the skill and practice of dialogue... and to be a connection and clearing-house for those engaged in the research, education, and application of dialogical principles. The organization will exist for the benefit of the communities it will serve and its members. A key purpose will be to deepen and expand the usage of dialogical forms of communication within the broader society.

The Dialogue Group is a frequent presenter at both local and national conferences of many professional associations including: AHP, ASTD, AQP, ODN, ASQC, International Conference of Work Teams, International Association of Facilitators, National Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution , and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Client organizations include: 3-Com, Total Pharmaceutical, Chevron, Association Instructional Administrators, Fullerton College, American Cancer Society, Ortho-Biotech (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), Levi Strauss & Co., Pasadena City College, Joy Art, Inc., Sisters of Mercy.

A core body of training materials has been developed. These include a workbook with exercises, a booklet entitled Reflections on Building Blocks and Guidelines for Dialogue, 1993, a Companion Journal to the Introduction to Dialogue Workshop, two packages of six audio-tapes and the several published articles.

All orders for materials and requests for information on programs should be addressed to:
The Dialogue Group
23010 Lake Forest Drive, #342
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
714-837-8771 (tel/fax)

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