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Community Building
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Joel and Michelle Levey

Joel and Michelle Levey

Joel Levey, Ph.D. & Michelle Levey, M.A. wrote the chapter: From Chaos to Community at Work.

They are co-founders of InnerWork Technologies, Inc., a Seattle based firm specializing in building high performing individuals, teams, and organizations. Their pioneering work specializes in organization culture development, team and leadership development, process improvement, systems thinking, and personal mastery training. Joel & Michelle have devoted their lives to intensive study and research of extra-ordinary levels of organizational, team and individual performance. They bring to their work insights from a combined 45 years of experience working in such diverse disciplines as neuropsychology, total quality management, stress mastery, biofeedback, peak performance training, linguistics, anthropology, and organization development.

The Leveys' clients include: AT&T, DEC, Du Pont, Rhone Poulenc Rorer, Kimberley-Clark, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, The Travelers Insurance Company, Menninger Foundation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, World Business Academy, Weyerhaeuser, Gulf, Shell, Petro Canada, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International, several Olympic and world class athletes and over 100 leading businesses, medical centers, military and sports organizations. As faculty for ICOD, International Center for Organization Design, and the Performance Edge their work with change strategy teams from large organizations focuses on building synergy between personal, professional and organizational change, creativity and development.

Joel Levey, Ph.D. has also served as Director of Biofeedback & Stress Management for the Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, Director of Corporate Education for American Biotec Corporation, Director of MindBody Fitness Training for SportsMind, Inc. and graduate faculty in Psychology at Antioch University. Michelle Levey, M.A. has also served as senior consultant for SportsMind, Inc., and as clinician for the Biofeedback & Stress Management Clinic at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

Bill Veltrop, the Founder of International Center for Organization Design has said that, "Deming did Japan an enormous favor by giving them access to Western Quality Control after WWII. The Leveys are returning the favor by making inner quality control technology available to Western business." Their pioneering work designing and delivering the US. Army Green Berets' "Ultimate Warrior Training Program" was described by West Point logisticians as, "the most exquisite orchestration of human technology we have ever seen", and by Esquire  magazine editor George Leonard as, "the most extensive and exciting leadership development program to be offered in modern times".

The Leveys' publications are available in five languages and include their book, Quality of Mind, (Boston: Wisdom, 1990), which offers a breakthrough in business literature as it integrates daily business performance with the practice of personal mastery and peak performance disciplines. Their 14 part business tape series, The Focused Mindstate  is one of Nightingale-Conant's best selling business products. They are contributing authors for numerous books including: Learning Organizations: Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace , (San Francisco: Sterling & Stone, Inc., 1995),Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business, (San Francisco: New Leaders Press, Inc., 1995), Beyond the Dow: Consciousness & ;Commerce, (San Francisco: Sterling & Stone, Inc., 1995), and Rediscovering the Soul in Business: The Renaissance of Values at Work, (San Francisco: Sterling & Stone, Inc., 1995). The Leveys are based in Seattle and offer services to organizations worldwide.

For further information on our work, please contact them at:
Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey
InnerWork Technologies, Inc.
5536 Woodlawn Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Tel. (206)632-3551
Fax (206)547-7895

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