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Community Building
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George Pór's Publications

Knowledge Ecology and Communities of Practice - Emerging Twin Trends of Creating True Wealth, at Knowledge Ecology Fair 98.

Knowledge Ecology and Communities of Practice, Status magazine (in Hebrew) Israel, 1998

The CoIL FAQ on Roles & Responsibilities in Facilitating Online Forums (October 97)

Distance Collaboration in a Virtual Community of Practice, ICM Knowledge Management Conference, Los Angeles, September 29-30, 1997

Organisations as Learning Communities, in Connections Magazine, Amsterdam

The Quest for Collective Intelligence, a chapter in Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning Business, New leaders Press

Organizational Memory and Nervous System (co-authored with David Hawkins), in Problemi Teorii i Praktiki Upravlenia, Issues of Management Theory and Practice (in Russian)

Transforming the Executive Office of the President into a Generative Learning Organization: the First Step Towards a Learning Society, in "Blueprint for Presidential Transition"

Organizations as Learning Communities, in The Planetarian, Zurich - Amsterdam - Budapest

What Is a Learning Expedition?, in ICOD Learning Expedition, Collective Intelligence

Future Communications: An Homage to Teilhard de Chardin, in Our Future Vision, published by NEC Corporation

HyperGEM: a software-based, interactive journal of the Gamma Learning Expedition of companies

A Learning Expedition into Designing the Global Learning Game, in ICIS Forum - An Instrument for Human Dialogue on Important Contemporary Issues and Problems

New Aspects of the Technopolis Movement, in Nikkei Business Daily (in Japanese)

Three Paths of Organizational Learning: Consciousness, Compassion, Competence, in On Learning, Summer 1990

Hyperspace, in InfoStacks, an on-disk electronic magazine
Communities of Learners vs. Communities that Learn, in The Business of Business Is Learning

Consciousness Expansion with High Technology, in Szamitastechnika - ComputerWorld (in Hungarian)

Groupware: a Strategic Resource for Increasing the Collective Intelligence of Workgroups, Organizations and Communities, in Asahi Peso-kon (in Japanese)

The Coming of the Age of Hypermedia, in MacWEEK

How to Choose a Network, in Electronic Citizenship, published by Pacific Bell

Author's Rights in the Tele-World, in Computer Currents

Art Com Electronic Network, in Netweaver, April 1987

Creative Discussions on The WELL, in Computer Currents

The Dissemination of Innovation, in The NODE - Computers, Business & the Future

The Globalization of Higher Education, in Computer Currents

A Global Message Center, in Computer Currents

HyperCard Advent Illuminates Other Avenues of 'Hypermedia', in Macintosh Today

Hypermedia and Higher Education, in Computer Currents

Hypertext's Time Has Come, Speaker Tells Conference, in MacWEEK

Reflecting on Hypermedia with Douglas Engelbart, in Computer Currents

Tele-Communities, in Computer Currents

The Telex Game, in Netweaver, March 1987

The Thrill of Meeting of Minds, in Computer Currents

Transpacific Networking, in Computer Currents

The Triple Revolution of Desktop Publishing, in Asahi Peso-kon (in Japanese)

Chernobyl or Communications, in Netweaver, 1986

Computer-Assisted Crisis Management, in Computer Currents

Computer Conferencing and Desktop Publishing - a Revolutionary Combination, in Netweaver, March 1986

Desktop Teleconferencing Across the Pacific, in Computer Currents

Dial-Up "Inter-Faith Center" of Unison, in Computer Currents

Dial-Up Spiritual Discussions in the Bay Area, in Computer Currents

ECONET, in Netweaver, 1986

Electronic Pen Pals & Peacegaming, in Computer Currents

ENA Update - Summaries of Activity in Communications Clusters , in Netweaver, March 1986

Global Political Hackers, in Computer Currents

The Government and Electronic Networking, in Computer Currents

"High^Lights" Captures the Flavor of Computer Conferencing in Link-Up: Online and Videotex for Business, Personal, and Educational Use

Inter-Media Synergy in the Corporate World, in Computer Currents

Knowledge Exchange Systems, in Computer Currents

LOGIN: The Local Government Information Network, in Computer Currents

Networking Churches, in Computer Currents

Networking at the Space Station, in Netweaver, April 1986

Telecom/Print Combination in Nonprofit Associations, in Computer Currents

Transpacnet 86, in Netweaver, 1986


Berkeley - Moscow Electronic Link-up, in Computer Currents

Business Networking Via Computers, in Computer Currents

Center for New Democracy Goes Online, in Netweaver, December 1985

The Charm of Unlimited Long-Distance Modem-Talk, in Netweaver, December 1985

Collaborative Text Editing Via Electronic "docuForum" in Computer Currents

Electronic Freedoms, in Computer Currents

Electronic Magazines Are Coming of Age, in Computer Currents

Have Micro, Get Teleeducation, in Netweaver, August 1985

Introducing the World of Telecommunications, in AmigaWorld

Meta Network: Where Minds Touch, in Computer Currents

Move Over Hypertext, Here Comes Hypermedia, in Netweaver, October 1985

New Privacy Act To Be Introduced, in Computer Currents

Organizational Effectiveness: The Grapevine, in Netweaver, August 1985

Pacific Rim Telecom Leaders Speak, in Computer Currents

Schoolchildren Make Tele-friends, in Computer Currents

Symposium of Networking Pioneers, in Computer Currents

Telecommunications Spawns New Industries, in Computer Currents

VCRs and Computer Conferencing: Towards Intermedia Synergy, in Netweaver, September 1985

The Well: Whole Earth Lectronic Link - An Interview with Stewart Brand, in Netweaver, August 1985

World-wide Computer Links, in Computer Currents

"You Are Only Data", in Les Temps Modernes (in French)

Towards an Alternative Sociology, in Les Temps Modernes (in French)

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