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Community Building
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Michael Ray

[Michael Ray]

Michael RAY wrote the chapter: A Metaphor for a Worldwide Paradigm Shift

Michael Ray, Ph.D., is the first John G. McCoy-Banc- One Corporation Professor of Creativity and Innovation and of Marketing at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. A social psychologist, Ray is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and received that organization's Willis Harman Award in 1991. He has served on ten public and nonprofit boards.

Among his more than 100 publications are Creativity in Business (with Rochelle Myers) and The Path of the Everyday Hero   (with Lorna Catford), based on his Stanford Creativity course. This course also inspired the PBS series "The Creative Spirit" and a companion book with the same title that he co-authored. Ray is co-editor (with Alan Rinzler) of The New Paradigm in Business   and (with John Renesch) of The New Entrepreneurs .

He has served as a member of the National Committee of the Foundation for Community encouragement, and has brought community-building work into his courses at Stanford and to other organizations.

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