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Barbara Shipka

[Barbara Shipka]

Barbara SHIPKA wrote the chapter: A Softstuff Application: Building Work Teams in Technical Organizations

Barbara Shipka's organizational consulting focuses primarily on creating a global orientation, anticipating increasing interdependence, building relationships and teams, leveraging growth, change and transitions, working with differences and diversity, and developing resilient work roles. Among her corporate clients are American Express, Cargill, Cray Research, Honeywell, Levi Strauss, Medtronic, and Pillsbury.

Shipka serves on the Board of Directors of The World Business Academy and initiated the Minnesota Chapter. In addition to the corporate sector, she has worked with the United Nations, NGOs, and in the field of education in Lebanon, The Dominican Republic, Somalia, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland.

Shipka's publications include contributing chapters to several business anthologies:

"Corporate Poverty: Lessons From Refugee Camps"
in When the Canary Stops Singing: Women's Perspectives on Transforming Business

"Global Leadership: A Sacred Responsibility"
in Leadership in a New Era: Visionary Approaches

"Extending Learning Organizations Far Beyond the Business"
in The Learning Organization: Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace

"A Softstuff Application: Building Work Teams in Technical Organizations"
in Building Community: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business

in Rediscovering the Soul in Business: A Renaissance of Values.

Barbara is profiled in two books: Merchants of Vision by Jim Leibig and Who We Could Be At Work by Margaret Lulic. She is currently writing her own book entitled Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Responsibility. It is due to be published in the summer of 1996 by Butterworth-Heinemann.

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