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Bill Veltrop

[Bill Veltrop]

Bill Veltrop wrote the chapter: Discovering a Generative Path to Organizational Change

He is a leading "volutionary agent" in the fields of organization design, learning and change. He is convinced we are in the early stages of a quantum shift in the life-giving potential of our organizing forms. Bill is the founder of The International Center For Organization Design, a unique network of leading edge change champions passionately committed to supporting this shift.

A consultant with over 20 years of innovative organization design and large scale change implementation experience in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East, Bill has discovered that magic is possible when spirit and heart are evoked.

A hands-on futurist, Bill is particularly adept in serving as architect to alliances, designs, change strategies and events that help unfold generative new futures for all involved.

As visionary author and speaker, Bill challenges leaders and providers of change services to weave creative new alliances in the service of transforming the field of transformation itself.

Bill Veltrop
The International Center For Organization Design
1450 Hidden Valley Road, Soquel, CA 95073
Ph.:408-462-1992; Fax: 408-479-7256
E-mail: BVeltrop@got.net

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