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Figures to A Metaphor for a Worldwide Paradigm Shift

by Michael Ray

Figure 1: The Organization of Nature
Gowan and Jaccaci

Each row and each column in each of the three sections is a Gather-Repeat-Share-Transform process. Taken together the rows and columns in each of the three sections makes a Metamatrix.
The whole figure is a Metamatrix also with the microphysical realm being the gather stage, the biophysical the repeat stage, the astrophysical the share stage, and the transformational stage being unspecified. Used by permission of August T. Jaccaci.

Level Unit Pair Group or field Compound or new unit
MICROPHYSICAL REALM (Strong, electric and weak forces. Four quantum numbers in three dimensions) G
Particles Photons Particle/antiparticle Three families of four particles;
Three forces in four dimensions
Baryons; confinement
by gluons
Atomic Baryons Electron-proton pairs
Lepton pairs
Quark pairs
Four quantum numbers x
electrons, protons,
and neutrons
Atoms; electrons
Molecular Atoms Electron shell bonding;
Inorangic molecules
Carbon: three Alphas
of four nucleons; four valence electrons
in the third shell
Organic molecules
and crystals
DNA Organic
Double helix;
Base paring
Four bases of three
chemical groups
BIOPHYSICAL REALM (Life force; four nucleotides code in triplets)R
Cell DNA Replication Genetic code;
four bases
code in triplets
Cell; membrane
Organism Cell Cell division Three functions x
four tissues
Organism; skin
Species Organism Sexual reproduction Population structure x
evolutionary fitness
Species; reproductive isolation
Gaia Species Speciation; hybrids and polyploids Ecosystem homeostasis;
four seasons of three months
Gaia; Earth life
ASTROPHYSICAL REALM (Gravitation; four third-order equations)S
Star Earth;
gravitational orbits
Four x three
gravitational field
Star; fusion
Galaxy Star Binary stars
Four spiral arms x three
supernova generations
Galaxy: heavy elements
Universe Galaxy Andromeda
Milky Way
Four dimensions x
leptons, hadrons,
and bosons
Universe; evolutionary time and space
First cause Universe Universe/anti-universe Natural and divine law;
four elements x three qualities
First cause; energy,conservation, information
Copyright © 1989 John Gowan and August T. Jaccaci

Figure 2: Brief Comparison of Waves
Maynard and Mehrtens

(Used by permission of the authors)
ParameterSecond WaveThird WaveFourth Wave
Philosophy Rooted in materialism and the supremacy of man Manifests growing concern for balance and sustainability Central foci are integration of life and responsibility for whole
Environmental Emphasis Self preservation, consumption Sanctity of life, conservation Recognition of all living systems, preservation
Relationships We are separate and must compete We are connected and must cooperate We are one and choose to co-create
Stakeholders Owners of stock in business Owners of stock in business and direct internal and external relationships All people and all systems that interface directly or indirectly with business including planet
Wealth Mostly tangible with little incentive to consider social accounting Tangible and intangible with increasing use of social accounting Mostly intangible reflecting quality of life: social accounting is convention
Business Model Hierarchical matrix and business unit: the "army" model with military values "Team value": democratic processes focused on creating value Community focused on co-creation, equality, and flexibility
Business Values Control, profit, survival Learning, creation of value, understanding broader picture Stewardship for whole, serving, and creating value for all stakeholders
Management Role Appointed to serve higher levels of management, seen as decision makers Elected to serve teams; decision making shifts to person at interface No managers; leadership rotates with need; decision making throughout consistent with shared vision, principles, values
Technology Invent and exploit sophisticated technology Become aware of concept of "appropriate technology" and begin to implement its theories Evaluate and act in accordance with principles of "appropriate technology"
Politics Politics and ecology seen as separate: politics viewed with suspicion Ethical dilemmas begin to be faced blurring public and private spheres Biopolitical context where all decisions are recognized as having environmental and human consequences
Copyright © 1992, Herman Bryant Maynard, Jr. and Susan E. Mehrtens

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