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Community Building
Table of Contents
What the readers say

What readers say about the Community Building Anthology?

"... a truly wonderful book, a spectacular collection, a compendium of clearly the best thinking and writing I've ever seen on community... I could give no more enthusiastic a recommendation for a book than for this one."
James A. Autry, author, Love & Profit and Life and Work

"This dazzling collection of eassys is sure to become the essential reference for finding the common ground upon which we can build productive work communities... Hurry up and read it if you want to be on the leading edge of organizational change."
Jim Kouzes, co-author, Credibility and The Leadership Challenge, chairman and CEO, Tom Peters Group/Learning Systems

"...a highly important book..."
Lawrence Perlman, chairman, CEO, Ceridian Corporation

"My outlook has changed forever."
Michael Munn, Lockheed Corporation

"A primer on the coming of global tribalism and community without geography."
Ron Zemke, senior editor, Training magazine

"...a masterful text."
Linda Morris, director, Ernst & Young

This book promises the reader greater understanding of the need for community building methodologies. It includes examples of organizations which are presently developing climates of community in the workplace.

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