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Why "Book Café"?
Business Transformation Manifesto
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our Vision

our Intention

we Invite

we Welcome

our Vision

 Our Vision is a world in which companies become intelligent social organisms
 capable of continually defining and re-defining their niche;
 create and meet challenging and profitable business opportunities
 in ways which nurture the full range of human talents,
 and enhance the well-being of all of their stakeholders.

 We want a new way of working together
 that is worthy of the life we invest in, each day.

 Business Transformation focuses on our transition from the Industrial Era to the Intelligent Era.

our Intention

 Our Intention is to operate the Business Transformation Book Café as:

  1. A virtual space for Reading Groups, local and global meetings of the minds, in which executives, knowledge workers, labor leaders, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and all interested in "business as community" can explore the deeper issues which shape our working life

  2. A resource center and knowledge ecology designed to support the emerging collective intelligence of the Book Café community

we Invite

 The Industrial Era focused on managing hands.
 In the Intelligent Era we engage both hands AND heads, hearts and minds.
 It takes new maps and models, paradigms and mindsets.

 What are they? How are yours changing?

 Tell us your stories, use the Book Café to spread the news on successful practices and working models of emerging business paradigms, seen from where you are.

 Take time for a cup of virtual coffee and a great conversation. Wander around and make yourself at home. Use the Book Café as your resource center to outfit your next learning expedition into transforming your business.

we Welcome

 We welcome skeptics and visionaries, change champions and tough-minded business women and men from around the world.

 We find great questions more useful than "right answers". Honest and open/respectful disagreement is a catalyst for creative dialogue, and we welcome it.

 We expect people to probe/inquire/question, not flame. The more we hear the question, "What do you mean by ....," in response to a comment, the richer the dialogue .

The Business Transformation Book Café is a project of Vision Nest Publishing
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