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Why "Book Café"?
Business Transformation Manifesto
How to sponsor this site.

Give us a hand

Our vision is a world in which
every workplace is hospitable to the human genius,
and to the well-being and creativity of the people.

We are energized by committing to this possibility. If realizing it calls you, give us a hand to make it so.

We are excited to co-create with you the future that will work for the many, and use the emerging cyberspace tools of communication, collaboration and coordination for doing so. Together with you,we have all it takes to accomplish the job, and we are committed to go all the way.

The Book Café is poised to become a one-stop clearinghouse of Business Transformation related information and insights, research and action, a virtual meeting place of everybody interested in moving beyond business as usual.

To get involved with BT Book Café is one of the ways in which you can support the fledgling business transformation movement, and stay on top of the best practices. Don't just read our pages, but sound your voice in the conversations taking place in our "Workplace Communities" conference, and/or become an individual or institutional sponsor.

How you or your organization can sponsor our work, and what you will get

  1. You can have your logo and/or name prominently displayed on any of our highest-traffic webpages, linking to your own website or electronic brochure.

  2. If you want to support a particular feature of our website (comprised of over 100 web pages) that appeals to you the most, or a collaborative exploration hosted by one of our authors, you can earmark your sponsoring dollars for that feature. The link to your website will go from the page that you are sponsoring.

  3. If you don't have a website, our sister company, Vision Nest Media will create a "homepage" for you at a reduced rate, reserved for our sponsors.

  4. First-hand access to the intellectual output of experts in business transformation, including actionable information on how to increase the collective IQ of your organization..

  5. A sponsor of the pioneers who bring together business transformation and cyberspace, you will gain recognition for being associated with our cutting edge work, and the good will of organizations and people involved with the growing transformational movement.

  6. You will also have a chance to shape the Book Café's future, by participating in our Sponsors' Council.

Rates and Terms

For further information on the rates and terms of sponsoring this site, or to contribute your unique sponsorship need or idea, please contact Gabor Pór.

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