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Jack Deal (Deal Consulting)

Interested in tacit knowledge or intellectual communities. Saw George's name at another site. I too have an office in Santa Cruz.

Chris Lowenberg

Thank you for gathering so many resources in which I find affirmation and validation of what I am doing and being and promoting in workplaces and community. Yes!

John Perkins (Keep the Change)

I am interested in thinking deeply about whether the social sciences have been mis-metaphored (agh) in an attempt by early practitioners to gain respectability. I am curious that in systems where the thinking of participants changes how theories can be understood and applied, that "science" fails to capture this paradox because in the "harder" sciences the thinking of particles, or oxygen or whatever is a meaningless idea.

I was prompted to think about this from an article by George Soros in the Atlantic Monthly (2/97).

Thanks for commenting.

Allen Symonds (Rice University)

I find this area interesting, and diverse. I am about to finish my studies in Architecture and this is giving me lots of idea of where to point my cart at this junction of my life

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