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Why "Book Café"?
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Why is this website called a "Book Café"?

"Cafés became popular at the start of the 20th century in Vienna, Paris and Berlin. They are still places for people to meet their friends, read the newspapers, discuss the important events of the day, and to read and answer their ("snail mail") correspondence. Artists, intellectuals and revolutionaries such as Picasso or Sartre used to publish their manifestos from their favourite Cafés. Today, millions of people communicate with their friends and workmates by means of computer, from their offices, or from the privacy of their own homes."
- Excerpted from the WWW-page What is a Cyber Café?

As some of the most creative and innovative spirits of their time were gathering in cafés at the beginning of the century, many forward-thinking business change agents, management and social innovators will gather, at the end of the century, in the global "cafés" of cyberspace. We are pleased to serve up delicious food for thought and action, in a comfortable space for meeting of minds and more.

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