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SEO Daily links 2011-08-17 through 19: Google related, LinkedIn Today, load speed, frames for Google …

Gary Price recommended the “Google Related” Toolbar Shows Google Content As You Surf On one hand I tested it and my small personal sites apperantly are not related to anything. But they are not “local business, shopping, or news sites” that the tool is focusing on. On the other hand my clients’ site, being all… Read more »

SEO daily links: volume queries’ effect, handling spam review, Bing’s future, site quality for link building

Minor learning of the day: you cannot change your  YouTube username. Medium learning of the day: Latest version of Google Chrome can prerender a page if it is coded correctly. This means that after a page loaded a next page can start loading in the background. Useful when there is a predefined or frequently used sequence… Read more »