Valerie Bock, (06/08/2003), Program Manager):”I know when I put your name on a request that it will be attended to promptly and thoroughly, and that knowledge is a big part of what makes working for CArch a pleasure.”

Kim Lai, (07/24/2002), Project Manager):”Thanks for creating a great website!”

Alexis Tatarsky , (11/16/2001), Taos Founder):”I’m sorry that cutting expenses has meant cutting people whose contributions we really value. You and your contribution certainly count among those.”

Coco Brown, (6/13/2001), Taos VP):”You all deserve a huge thanks and acknowledgement of appreciation for a very good job done, terrific teamwork in getting it done, and a great deal of perseverance in managing your critics! !”

Bill Dwyer, (6/11/2001), Taos CEO):”I still haven’t seen it all but it certainly is obvious how much you accomplished. Congratulations on a great result and thanks for all your hard work.”

Chris Gerstner, (10/22/1999, KEU student):”…thank you for all your “behind-the-scenes” efforts supporting this class. In my experience, the technology was successful and smooth, and I’m sure you can take some of the credit for that. … Thanks for everything!”

Arian Ward, (10/18/1999, CoIL client):”Thanks for your usual prompt response, Gabor. You’re the best customer support person I’ve dealt with – a model for the industry!

Chris Abraham, (9/28/1999, KEU student):”… we are really well-lucky that we have a webmaster as brilliant as we have hosting us here!”

T.J. Elliott, (5/21/1999, KEU student):”As always you are a remarkable resource to all of this — and you’re much more economical with your language than any of us!!! We could learn a thing or three ;-)”

Lisa Kimball, (2/7/1999, KEU instructor):”You’re so speedy!

Scott Leslie (9/14/1998, KEU website visitor):”…it was a real pleasure to see the site. You are doing a fantastic job with the site – it’s very clean to use, makes a lot of sense how it’s organised and I like the look and feel.

Sue Gilly, (9/23/1998, KEU student):” Gabor was a big help to everyone.”

Edie Petrachi, (3/5/1998, CoIL client):”Thank you very much for your work! You are quick.”