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Community Building
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Darla Chadima and Geoffrey Hulin

Darla Chadima and Geoffrey Hulin

Darla CHADIMA and Geoffrey HULIN wrote the chapter: Rediscovering the Circle: Community in Balance.

Darle Mae Chadima is a master of context design with many years experience in creating provocative and powerful events. Her gift is seeing the patterns that connect us all. Her passion is the weaving of these patterns into the enduring cloth of community.

Geoffrey Paul Hulin is an artist and an entrepreneur and carries the wisdom of many challenging communication campaigns. He has produced and directed media and special events for organizations for the last 22 years. His passion is calling forward and passing on the new stories - stories of promise and possibility - in ways that make a lasting difference.

They are partners in The Whole Story (Santa Cruz, California), a company dedicated to helping people tell their emerging stories of wholeness and balance.

They work together to create, produce and stage large gatherings of people all over the world that bring together elegant context design, ancient earth teachings, appreciative process, ceremony, storytelling and electronic media in the service of our most powerful and positive visions.

They can be reached by
voice - 408-427-3357,
fax - 408-454-9129,
or e-mail - Light1Bear@aol.com (Darla) and/or HawkofFire@aol.com (Geoffrey)

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