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Why "Book Café"?
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Featured Books

Community Building: Renewing Spirit & Learning in Business

Edited by Kazimierz Gozdz.

"This dazzling collection of eassys is sure to become the essential reference for finding the common ground upon which we can build productive work communities."
-Jim Kouzes, co-author, Credibility and The Leadership Challenge, chairman and CEO, Tom Peters Group/Learning Systems.

5th Generation Management: Co-creating Through Virtual Enterprising, Dynamic Teaming, and Knowledge Networking

By Charles M. Savage

Excerpt from the book: "As we actively value one another's capabilities and aspirations, we can decode the significant patterns and network knowledgeable professionals to profitably seize significant market opportunities."

The Intelligence Advantage: Organizing for Complexity

By Michael D. McMaster

Excerpt from the book: "We will fail to realize the potential of organizations until we see them as organisms in their own right. Intelligence is the source of an organization's capacity for survival."

Why is this website called a "Book Café"?

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