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From Chaos to Community at Work

by Joel and Michelle LEVEY

This document is an excerpt of the chapter
"From Chaos to Community at Work"
in the anthology "Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business", New Leaders Press, 1995.
Please do not quote without the permission.

This chapter invites you, the reader to explore community building in business by building a dynamic synergy of the elements described in the following diagram. Strategies and suggestions for each element are described in a way that invites you to consider what steps you can take to move from chaos to community at work.

Building Synergy of People, Teams & Organization:

Building Synergy

In the years to come the complexity, pressure, uncertainty, and change that people in business will be challenged to adapt to will intensify and accelerate beyond our imaginations. With this in mind we invite the business leaders and change champions that we work with to engage in the following inquiry:

  • What would happen if you turn up the intensity of your own commitment to personal inquiry and development?

  • Can you imagine what would happen in your organization if you were to take these principles to heart and build a business or organization in which these qualities of personal and interpersonal relationships could synergize to allow the emergence of a spirit of community at work?

  • What would happen if you were to invite and encourage others in your organization to join you in this work and actively share their insights?

  • Can you afford not to support the people in your organization as they do the inner and outer work necessary to accept this challenge?

by Joel and Michelle Levey

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